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HEADSHOTS AND BEAUTY | Khush singh Celebrity Makeup Artist – New York, New Jersey and the Northeast


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  • Admin Settings panel and a Shortcode Generator.
  • Pagination
  • Option of choosing Featured image/First Image from post as thumnail.
  • Select post based on Custom Field Key and/or Custom Field Key Value.
  • Upload and specify your own default image for posts which do not have an image.
  • Light and Dark Themes.
  • Option to pick alternate title for thumbnail from custom fields instead of post titles.
  • Easily integrated into any template with a shortcode and a template tag.

  • Flexible. Through shortcode, user can control which category to show, the number of posts to show, the posts to exclude, the size of the thumbnail, whether or not to show the title, how to order them, quality of thumbnails, show posts only with specific tags and many more.

  • Show posts from more than one categories.
  • The thumbnails are generated on-the-fly and dynamically resized. It also has caching feature to reduce the load on the server.
  • Option to show the posts in a popup light box (Colorbox) on click. Posts loaded through AJAX.
  • A very light weight jquery animated plugin.
  • If javascript is disabled/not loaded, the plugin falls back to a pure css animated gallery.
  • If no image is present a default image is shown.
  • Show anywhere in your Post or Page using a shortcode


Khush is a world renowned celebrity and bridal (Western, Eastern & Indian) makeup artist in New Jersey and New York with an individual approach that enhances natural beauty. Fashion Magazines and Celebrities are her can be as well. Professional Makeup Artist for Weddings & Special Events in NJ, NY & CT. Airbrush Wedding Makeup Artist for any Special Occasion. Indian Bridal makeup is one of her fortes....

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