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Wedding | Khush singh Celebrity Makeup Artist – New York, New Jersey and the Northeast


Makeup is an Academy Award category… because it takes talent and work to successfully achieve a specific look! To achieve your look, we have photographers, hair, makeup & Mehndi artists and of course Khush…)
All Brides:
Engagement Makeup
Price (examples)

Bridal Makeup and Preview (Trial)
On movie sets it is called a screen test, an actor never goes on the big screen without trying different makeup looks for that character… A trial is essential to give you a sense for how you will look under different lights and with both a light and a stepped up version of your makeup for your wedding day.

We take digital prints of the first application (light/beauty makeup) and then compare them to the second more stepped up version of you to showcase the different effect your makeup application will have on film and in print.

This is the day you want to look like you…only with a touch more glamour!


Bridal Hair & Preview     
(completed by one of our mKarma artists)

 Bridesmaid Preview

 Bridal Makeup (4-8 hours with touchups)
We have several packages which make selection easier: Silver, Gold & Platinum.
(Price dependent on whether you would like us to stay for touchups, duration of event, etc)
$400. – $1200.

 We try to accomodate all your needs either via a la carte services or under a package of our services.
We also provide photo shoot coordination (organizing your family for photo shoots can be time-consuming – let us handle it for you) and of course the ultimate shot list selection.

 Brides Hair (on wedding day)
$200. – $550.

 Packages are available

 Bridal Party Hair (Per Person)
$75. – $125.

(Changing look – maybe a little more dramatic!)
$400. – $500

 Groom's Transformation
Includes: Brow, Manicure & Makeup

 Additional Information for South Asian/Asian Brides:

 Sangeet Makeup / Tea Ceremony
$200. – $500.

 Garba Makeup
$200. – $500.

 Bridal Makeup Packages -
let's discuss and customize something just for you

 All bridal makeovers include:
The Expertise of anmKarma Bridal Makeup Artist
A Clean and Classic Look that will last for 12 hours
Waterproof Eyes and Lips
Jewelry and Dupatta Setting (South Asian)
False Eyelash Application (optional)
Eyebrow Arching (optional)

Dates will be available for Reservation within Seven Days of a Trial. All Bookings are subject to a deposit which is non-refundable. In some instances travel may be additional. An option of multple assistants to handle larger wedding parties is always available.


Khush's Top 10 Beauty Wedding Tips Regiment
1. A Beauty Blueprint!
Internal and external daily stresses wreak havoc on your skin. A simple plan for care and maintenance can make a crucial difference in how you look on your big day. Our Beauty Experts will help pick the right skincare & cosmetic products right for you that are easy to use and provide effective results!

2. Exfoliated Skin!
A simple step in your skincare routine and you only have to do it once a week! Duchess Marden’s Enzyme Exfoliant is a perfect solution for any skin type. The creamy formula mixes fruit enzymes with a gentle bead texture for a dually effective treatment that won’t strip your skin dry!

3. Hydrate, Restore, Repair!
Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Crème is the all-in-one gold standard that works beautifully with any skin type. This lightweight formula addresses all signs of aging, protects & restores your skin while you sleep! It also comes in daytime formulas that include necessary SPF!

4. Pretty Feet!
Your feet will endure the wear and tear of a day spent dancing in heels – treat them right with Save My Feet! This special blend of lanolin and other emollients conditions your feet to endure even the highest of heels without experiencing blisters, calluses or other abrasion. An ideal gift to your bridesmaids!

5. Smoothe and Soothe!
OSEA White Algae Masque is ideal for sensitive skin and reputed for soothing inflammation in a heart beat, it’s so gentle you can wear it while you sleep! A must-have to tame anything that may decide to pop up overnight…say goodbye to blemishes! (And a great suggestion for the groom!)

6. Kissable Lips!
Who doesn’t want a perfect pout when you pucker up to say, “I Do!” Sara Happ Lip Scrub is available in flavors like peppermint and almond crème, this all-natural blend of exfoliators and conditioners will buff your lips smooth and have him ready for the honeymoon!

7. Luxe Locks!
Terax Crema is the perfect conditioner for gorgeous, touchable locks. This luxurious formula can be used daily, or left on longer for a once-a-week conditioning masque. Imported from Italy, this conditioner is the cream of the crop!

8. A Fresh Fragrance!
You know how easily a familiar sent can take you back to wonderful memories. Before you embark on a new stage of life decide what fragrance you’d like to remember this time with! Tocca’s new Giulietta features delicate Rose and Ylang Ylang, and is anchored with sexy Sandalwood.

9. Special Services!

10. Bridal Makeup!
Beautiful makeup application is the foundation of our popularity. Our artists are inspired and professional – and sure to help you create the breathtaking look that you’ve envisioned for the moment when all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle!

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