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More Color | Khush singh Celebrity Makeup Artist – New York, New Jersey and the Northeast

More Color

"Khush Singh has been an artist in one medium or another for as long as anyone who knows her can remember.  During her formal years of training in film, theater, television and fashion she was able to hone her talents into a mastered skill…that has created the look everyone wants…Her Eyes!
Her makeup techniques and experience runs the gamut from fashion, photography, film, television, HDTV, and print as well as bridal, fashion, glamour and avant garde. She is currently based out of the New York, but frequently travels around the globe for various shoots.  
In her own words:
"I take so much pride in my Makeup Artistry and hopefully it shows.  As you may note…the eyes are my specialty.

That exploration of the art of Makeup has led me to provide Makeup Classes, open a studio, publish a forthcoming book, lecture, tour the world and proffer my craft to canvases that have requested my skill.

As a woman of colour, (Indian by birth, but left so many years ago) I have honed my talent into skills for both the mainstream and exotic visage, as you hopefully have noticed, exploring each canvases individual beauty.

In my life, as an artist, I have been a painter, TV Reporter, Independent Film Producer and Director and very soon a Published Authour.  Yet my greatest goal has been that of a strong role model for my son."

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