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Additional Color | Khush singh Celebrity Makeup Artist – New York, New Jersey and the Northeast

Additional Color

Many people think that transitioning from a makeup enthusiast into a professional makeup artist is an easy feat. However, as those in the makeup industry are well aware, a formal education really spells the difference between a hobby and a profession. Quality makeup training is not only important but essential if you plan on making a career of this interest. Makeup artist schools provide students with an impressive variety of skills that are nearly impossible to master on one's own.
A make up artist does everything from make Cameron Diaz look completely flawless to turning Arnold Schwartzeneggar into a Terminator. It is an essential part of the entertainment industry as it helps breathe life into a character by making them more three dimensional.
An actor has a much easier time being able to commit to a role if they truly believe that they have been transformed into the character they are playing. This belief is mandatory for the audience as well. For us to by the story, we need to believe that there is actually a robot under Schwartzenggar's skin, or that Jennifer Lopez has bruises on her face, or whatever.
The best make up artists are those whose work you never really notice. As an audience member, assuming all other elements are met (acting, writing, directing), it becomes that much easier for you to become invested in the characters on the screen when the make up is done well. It is a true artistry.  It is what I can provide to you.

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